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Pandemic: Legacy Season 2 (Black)

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You made it. Just barely. That disease nearly infected the world, but you and your team of scientists were able to quell the epidemic. Well, it's never truly over! There's always a new outbreak to stop and more diseases to cure. Now, Season 2 is ready to challenge your crack decision-making skills! Think you have what it takes?


This Pandemic: Legacy Season 2 Black Edition helps you continue your campaign of saving lives! Similar to Pandemic: Legacy Season 1, this version pits you and your friends against deadly diseases. It's a cooperative game where all of your choices matter! Your successes and failures will change how your subsequent games play out, so make your moves carefully.


This game features gameplay that's very similar to the original Pandemic game, except the stakes are much higher. We recommend getting familiar with the original game before taking a crack at this intense board game experience. It also adds new gameplay features and new components to the game to add new challenges for experience Pandemic players. Of course, since this game is a Legacy game, certain actions in the game may require you to permanently alter your game cards, so be aware of that!